Jens Mache
Professor of Computer Science
Lewis & Clark College

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Welcome to my homepage !
I enjoy living in Oregon / USA ( pictures ), whereas originally, I am from Karlsruhe / Germany.

My Teaching

In spring semester 2015, I am teaching
CS171 Computer Science 1
CS495 Cyber Security
In fall semester 2014, I was teaching
CS107 Perspectives in Computer Science
CS393 Computer Networks
I am particularly interested in
cyber-security education (supported by NSF grants 1516100, 1141314),
parallel computing education (supported by NSF grant DUE-1044932),
sensor network education (supported by NSF grant CNS-0720914),
participatory urban sensing with handheld devices and
grid computing education (supported by NSF grant DUE-0411237).
I also have a small role in the
internationalization of computer science education (supported by NSF grant CNS-0722341)
Courses I taught before include
Wireless Sensor Networks
Internet Security
Networking/ Web Technologies
Grid Computing (& Network Programming),
Parallel / Cluster Computing,
Distributed Systems / Network Programming (using C/C++),
Computer Networks (theory),
Computer Architecture & Assembly Language
Operating Systems,
Algorithm Design and Analysis,
Theory of Computation,
Advanced Algorithms/ Programming Competition,
Computer Science I (using C/C++),
Computer Science I (using Java) and
UNIX (including Perl).
Why study at Lewis & Clark College? Newsweek mentions us in "Under the Microscope".
Next step after studying here? I recommend reading Doug Comer's advice about CS grad school/ Ph.D.
FYI, an old (1998) article about me can be found here.

My Research


Supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, I may offer paid summer REU = research experience for undergraduates.
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