This course is a required component of the 2018 London Humanities Program.
It will be taught in London and will count toward the Europe regional requirement
of the history major.

This site is under construction. It will be ready by Fall semester 2018.

Top (left to right):
Henry Grant, Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament, 1962 © Museum of London
Night skyline of the City of London and St. Paul's Cathedral on the North Bank of the Thames
Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament, London © Daily Mail
Thomas Malton, St. Mary's Church and Somerset House in the Strand, 1796 © Victoria & Albert Museum
Canary Wharf Underground Station, designed by Sir Norman Foster, 1990 © Foster+Partners

Bottom (left to right):
Londoners take shelter in the Underground during the Blitz, September 1940 © Anthony Potter Collection
Claude Monet, The Houses of Parliament, Sunset, 1903 © National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Pond Gardens at Hampton Court Palace
Beheading of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, Tower Hill, 1553
Street sign in English and Bengali, Brick Lane, East London

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