Stone Town, Zanzibar

Prof. David Campion



ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION: The study of the history of Modern East Africa can be a fascinating exercise, but for this to happen it will require some effort. This means regular and punctual classroom attendance and consistent adherence to the schedule of assigned readings to keep up with the pace of the lectures and discussions. If you must miss a class because of illness or any other reason, you are required to notify the instructor as soon as possible. Any unexcused absence after the first two will reduce your final grade by one third of a letter grade. Two late arrivals count as one absence. Being unprepared for class discussion will also count as an unexcused absence. Much of the subject matter of this course may be completely unfamiliar to many students and the instructor is always available outside of class hours to answer any questions, even those as simple as the spelling of names and places. Students are always encouraged to ask questions in the lectures and discussions and to go beyond the minimum course requirements as their imagination and intellect lead them

RESPONSE PAPERS: During the course students will be expected to write at least four response papers focusing on the readings for the course or on group field trips. These assignments may be handwritten and should be 600-700 words each.

BOOK REVIEWS: Prior to our arrival in East Africa students will complete two book reviews (one on a book from the required list and another on a book of the studentís choosing in consultation with the instructor). The reviews will be 4-6 pages each and are due August 30, our first full day in East Africa.

EXAMINATION: There will be a final examination based on course readings, lectures, discussions, and information presented during field trips. The exam will be comprised of short essays.

Assignments must be submitted on time. Unless there are extenuating circumstances and an extension is obtained in advance, assignments will be reduced by one third of a letter grade for each day they are late. After five days, an assignment will not be accepted.

The Lewis & Clark College
Policy on Academic Integrity is applicable to all assignments and examinations in this course. Any instances of cheating or plagiarism, however slight, on any assignment or examination will result automatically in a failing grade for the course and referral to the College Honor Board for further disciplinary action.


Participation in discussion and field trips (20%)
Short response papers (20%)
Book reviews (30%)
Final examination (30%)

Note: If you have a disability that may impact your academic performance, you may request accommodations by submitting documentation to the Student Support Services Office (x7191) and that office will notify the instructor of the accommodation for which you are eligible. This must be done in advance of our arrival in East Africa.

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